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Rebecca L. Jones

My name is Rebecca Jones and I’m a Senior Lecturer and Qualifications Lead in the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care at The Open University, UK.

You can see my official Faculty profile here. This is my public blog for work-related topics.

I’m interested most broadly in the social and discursive construction of almost any aspect of health and social care. A little more narrowly, I’m particularly interested in many aspects of later life and also in sexuality across the lifecourse. Most specifically, I focus on the social construction of sexuality in later life.

I’m also interested in lots of other topics such as: what counts as ‘evidence’ in ‘evidence-based care’; domestic violence;  pedagogy in general, and in distance education in particular; gender and feminist theory; Queer Theory (although I can’t understand unmediated Judith Butler); the Service User movement in health and social care.

Methodologically and theoretically, I like narrative analysis and biographical and lifecourse approaches. I used to be a discursive psychologist but I (mostly) stopped doing it myself. I still appreciate nicely crafted discourse analysis though, and my interest in categories definitely has its roots in ethnomethodology. Language and the ways it shapes society remains an enduring fascination


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