Remembering My Hat


Rebecca L. Jones

My name is Rebecca Jones and I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University, UK.

You can see my official Faculty profile here. This is my public blog for work-related topics.

I’m interested most broadly in the social and discursive construction of almost any aspect of health and social care. A little more narrowly, I’m particularly interested in many aspects of later life and also in sexuality across the lifecourse. Most specifically, I focus on the social construction of sexuality in later life.

I’m also interested in lots of other topics such as: what counts as ‘evidence’ in ‘evidence-based care’; domestic violence;  pedagogy in general, and in distance education in particular; gender and feminist theory; Queer Theory (although I can’t understand unmediated Judith Butler); the Service User movement in health and social care.

Methodologically and theoretically, I like narrative analysis and biographical and lifecourse approaches. I used to be a discursive psychologist but I (mostly) stopped doing it myself. I still appreciate nicely crafted discourse analysis though, and my interest in categories definitely has its roots in ethnomethodology. Language and the ways it shapes society remains an enduring fascination

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