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9th June 2015

Queer Kinship Conference, Poland: Notes part 3

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More liveblogging notes from this conference. Usual discaimers, part 1 here and part 2 here.

Parallel session 2

Queering Heteronormative Life Cycle

Kathryn Almack, Nottingham

Friends, Families and Kinship: Proximity and Intimacy in the Support Networks of LGBT Elders

[Quite minimal notes both because my laptop is running out of battery and because I know quite a lot about this project already because I was on the advisory group for The Last Outing project.]

Lesbians and bi women seemed to have good social capital through lifelong activism, often through feminism. Gay men had often been involved in activism around HIV earlier in lives but seemed much more isolated in later life – activism had not continued. [Very interesting. Activism careers and trajectories.]

What seems like ancient history of legalised discrimination against same-sex relationships to young people is not ancient history to older people. Referenced in talk, especially section 28 and personal experiences of past custody battles.

Stigma by association – gay man’s mother worried about being stigmatised in the care home due to him and his partner being visible to staff and residents.


Rebecca Jones, The Open University

Queer kinship in bisexual people’s imagined and experienced later life

Ask me if you would like the slides. Or come to one of the other versions of this paper I am doing this summer – ‘Troubling families’ seminar at Walton Hall on the 29th June or i-ages conferences at Surrey 6th-7th July.


Danielle Pearson, The Open University

‘I just want to get a dog and see how that works…’ Family planning among young same-sex couples

14 couples, 8 female, 6 male, 12 L, 11 G, 5 B in same-sex relationships, 1 other.

Similar methods to larger Enduring Love project

Children were an unquestionable possibility, an option even if they didn’t want them. A step or a stage in the relationship. All imagined experiences as none had children yet. Male couples tended to talk about adoption and fostering, female about IVF.

Worries about implications of different options – genetic relationship with one parent and not the other. Also worries about cost of access to IVF and surrogacy (also illegality of surrogacy).

Pets and animals frequently invoked as similar or different from children. Part of family, parent-child for human-pet, connectedness between partners, liminal objects (on boundary between humans and animals, semi-kin), maternal thinking, transitional objects – preparing them for parenthood (quote from title). Dogs as a lifelong commitment, worse than children who will at least grow up and leave!


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