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13th July 2012

British Society of Gerontology conference 2012: Part 5 Notes

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Robin Mann and Emanuela Bianchera

Bangor University and Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

The role of grandparents within Italian transnational families in South Wales

Part of wider study of grandparenthood within bilingual families: a Welsh case study – some Welsh-speaking families, some Italian. Interestes in grandparents as potential passers-on of culture.

About 3k people of Italian birth in Wales but 10,000 if you include descendents. Mostly emigrated betwen the wars. Has been portrayed by media as a successful model migration – evidence of Wales as an inclusive multicultural society. Welsh people described as ‘Italiansin the rain’. Characteristic businesses (cafes, ice cream shops, fish and chip shops) not in conflict with locals economic interests – created own niche and brand.

Lots of circular and seasonal migration back to Italy (Bardi), including marriage with local Italian women who then move to Wales. Festa dell’emigrante 13th August every year in Bardi – all nationalities but lots of Welsh flags.

Food as most ‘successful’ aspect of transmission of culture to G3. Some continuing use of dialect – esp learned through mothers and grandmothers.

G3 using humour to distance themselves from parents’ and grandparents’ ‘fake Welsh-Italian’ and contrasting that with their own more authentic explorations of Italian-ness.

Methodological limits – hard to recruit people who didn’t feel Italian or weren’t connected to networks.

Anna Tarrant

The Open University

Exploring men’s negotiations of ageing masculinities in the familialcarescapes of grandfathering

‘Carescapes’ as a term to indicate temporal and spatial character of care.

Some persisting gendered roles – grandfather as ‘Butlin’s redcoat’ doing outings out of the house, taking swimming etc. and grandmothers doing personal and home-based care. But some new grandfathers – changing nappies although they hadn’t for own children.

Frustrations of no longer being able to do the physical play that performs masculinity in childcare. Tried to push the boundaries of what they could physically manage. Adult children saying ‘be careful with grandpa’.

Connects to bigger debates about whether men lose status and masculinity through old age.

Bridget Penhale

University of East Anglia

Minding the gap: Improving criminal justice agencies and social support agencies responses to intimate partner violence against older women

Based on analysis of 150 police files from 7 police forces across England and Wales. in last 5 yrs, women aged over 60, police selected the cases. Police gatekeeping [presumably they chose the cases they thought they’d handled reasonably well].

Also doing qualitative analysis of some of the cases n=30.

75% victims 60-69 yr old so younger older women

2/3 of suspects were spouses 15% co-habitees, 10 former spouses, 6% divorced/separated

Suspect as care provider – 20%

Susepct as care recipient – 10%

Victim with mental illness 10%, dementia 3%

41% suspects history of prior violent offences

[lots more stats. Seems pretty much the same characteristics as younger women and intimate partner violence]

Me: What is distinctive about older women’s experiences of intimate partner violence

Answer: Not in this study, but from previous qualitative study:

  • longevity of abuse – across the whole time of a long-term relationship
  • lack of recognition that it was abuse
  • adult daughters naming it as abuse and supporting to get help
  • not known to other agencies – police as first port of call

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