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13th July 2012

British Society of Gerontology conference 2012: Part 2 notes

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LGBT Symposium 1

Nancy Knauer

Prof of Law Templer Univ, Philadelphia

Census accident – US censuses don’t ask about sexual identity but federal govt wanted to know about diff sex couples living together without being married, so started asking people about partnerships, and found same sex couples answering! Self report, so obv. under-report. Complex, because some states do have same sex marriage but it’s not recognised at federal level, so people may be answering ‘no’ to partnered because they are same sex married. [But amusing about how quantitative research can play out]

LGBT ageing as the counter-example to the It Gets Better campaign? ‘It Gets Better and then it gets an awful lot worse?’

[Audience and I disagree – sometimes it gets an awful lot worse but sometimes it’s okay]

Prof Brian Heaphy

Manchester Univ

The changing contexts of LGBT ageing

New Stonewall study compares LGB OP and heterosexual OP

There are distinctive LGB issues – living alone, lack of legal protection – but cohort effects means the picture is not just one of isolation.

New commonalities between LGB and het experiences, esp in relation to ageing. Broadly, if you’ve got money, family and cultural capital, ageing can be pretty positive.

But family relations are actually negotiated and highly variable for everyone. Just because you’re heterosexual and have had children doesn’t necessarily mean you have people to support you in your old age (Finch and Mason old study).

Het people becoming more like LGB people ? Or other way round? [I think both – lifecourses becoming more diverse and variable. Risk society. Choice society. This makes het people have to go off roadmaps more than used to]

James Taylor


OP report

1,000 ish LGB OP

1,000 ish het OP

Rebecca Jones

The Open University

The disappearing ‘B’ in LGBT Ageing

I was a bit too busy to take notes in this talk…

Jane Traies

Univ of Sussex

400+ older lesbians

371 q’airres

40 life stories – some ints and some telephone and writing.

Delib using term ‘old lesbian’ not ‘older lesbian’ as reclaiming of old age.

78% of her responsdents said they would describe themselves as feminist  – more likely to say so if younger

 But 22% said ‘no’ and that’s sometimes to do with gender expression – much more likely to have identified as butch or femme and to have had binary gender roles in their lesbian relationships if said they weren’t a feminist.

Kath Woodward 1999 “We need to create for ourselves cultural models of older women as… [didn’t manage to get rest of quote but it was something about imagining futures, which I’m always interested in]

Has several respondents like Muriel (from my talk and ‘Troubles with bisexuality’ chapter) who now i.d. as lesbian.


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