Remembering My Hat

25th January 2010

LGBT history month: Milton Keynes events

A couple of events for LGBT history month in Milton Keynes:

An event at Bletchley Park celebrating Alan Turing (famous gay geek, murdered by the medico-legal system (I caricature)):

Actually, I’m not sure this one is part of LGBT history month – it’s in January (just) and I suppose not really historical. But it’s LGBT and in my town, so I shall link to it anyway: LGBT general assembly



  1. Very interesting. I have been a professional cryptographic equipment engineer and was recently in a professional IT managers course where I gave a presentation on Dr. Turing. The finale of my presentation is an invitation for everyone to follow this link to sign a petition to support the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal to Alan Turing for his contributions to American National Security during WWII.

    Comment by David Fierstine — 13th February 2010 @ 03:46 | Reply

  2. LGBT history month just started – it’s through October. 🙂
    This year’s features, inter alia, Jane Lynch and David Sedaris!

    Comment by equalitygirl — 3rd October 2010 @ 20:55 | Reply

    • Here in the UK it’s always in February (although there is usually a pre-launch in November so people don’t forget to make plans!).

      Good luck with yours!

      Comment by rememberingmyhat — 3rd October 2010 @ 21:30 | Reply

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