Remembering My Hat

8th October 2009

Problems of old age to-day

One of my colleagues, Joanna Bornat, gave me this as she was clearing out her office prior to retirement. She didn’t really have a use for it herself, but couldn’t quite bear to throw it out, and thought I might be interested. She was quite right.

Problems of old age to-day

Did you spot that date? 1954! The typography, in particular, makes it look so recent, at least to my non-expert eyes.

We probably wouldn’t say ‘old age’ these days, more likely ‘later life’ or ‘older age’, and it would be a brave course that used the word ‘problem’ in the title nowadays when we are all so careful not to imply that older people are problems. And you certainly wouldn’t hyphenate ‘to-day’ today.

But the contents look not unlike an introductory course in gerontology, if you tweak the wording a bit. I like the idea of that continuity in education.

I’m also interested to see some of the speakers – Marjory Warren who later became known as ‘the Mother of Geriatrics’ and Alex Comfort, more famous for sexier things but in his own estimation a sort of gerontologist.

Having uploaded a scan of it here, I now propose to recycle the original, so if anyone wants it, speak now, before I write a shopping list on the back of it.


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